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2019 Call for Presentations

Submission Deadline is Extended to January 9, 2019

Quality, not quantity | That means smarter and shorter

The Remodeling Show co-located with DeckExpo 2019 Call for Presentations is now open! If you would like to be considered for the upcoming conference program, please review the information below and fill out our submission form. 

  • Conference Dates: November 6-8, 2019
  • Location:  Kentucky International Convention Center | Louisville
  • Audience: Remodelers, Builders, Residential Contractors, Deck Builders, Architects, Designers, Business Owners, Project Manager

The goal of the education program is to provide a platform for inspiring business ideas, new materials/technology, building science case studies, productivity, and forecasting. We are looking for speakers who are awe-inspiring, passionate about their topic, and can connect to the audience of residential remodeling and building professionals.

We are seeking subject matter experts to offer topics on issues that matter to the remodeling and deck building communities — presentations to engage in shared dialogue about best ideas and new practices on solving industry challenges. Proposals that are collaborative and provide an interactive learning environment across a variety of disciplines to encourage discussions, debates, solutions, and to nurture the sharing of ideas will be most favorable.

Remodeling Show and DeckExpo Conference Programs offer more than 100 hours of classroom education and live demonstrations. Session formats are 15, 30, 60, and 90-minute blocks and are presented in introductory to advanced levels over three days. New in 2019 is nano-learning AIA CES courses that can be 15-45 minutes in length and covers one topic in depth with one learning objective.

  • Advanced: Most useful for individuals with significant knowledge of the topic.
  • Intermediate: Most appropriate for learners with general knowledge about the topic.
  • Introductory: Most beneficial to learners new to a knowledge area, skill, or attribute.
  • Update: Most fitting for learners with a background in the subject area who desire to keep current.

Submissions from vendors or associations are encouraged, but absolutely no commercial product pitch of any kind will be accepted. If your company conducts research, you are welcome to share your white paper or case study in your presentation.

2018 Attendee Statistics

Title or Position:
Owner/President/Executive - 42%
Sales/Marketing - 14%
Project Manager/Manager - 11%

Length of Time in the Industry:
<5 years - 11%
5 - 10 years -10%
11 - 20 years - 22%
21+ years - 33%

Criteria for Submission(s)

Presentations must show evidence of material that will make a significant contribution to the development of attendees’ professional capabilities and knowledge of the field.  

  • Description: 100 to 150 words max description of your session. Be concise and include your presentation hook that will attract attendees. 
  • Learning Objectives: List a minimum of four objectives that your audience should take-away from your session. Nano-Learning sessions require only one learning objective.
  • Audience Engagement: Each submission must highlight session engagement, how the presenter will actively engage the audience. Involvement can be before or during the session.  

Submission Acceptance

Remodeling Show & DeckExpo historically receives and reviews several new submissions each year. Not all submissions will be selected. The submission deadline is Wednesday, January 9, 2019. Selected speakers will receive confirmation documents outlining role, responsibilities, and requirements.

If you have any questions regarding the submission process, please contact Carol Wilkins at 972-536-6320.