"No kid sleeps on the floor in our town!"

Remodeling Show and DeckExpo are partnering with Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP), an organization started in Kimberly, Idaho in 2012 by Luke Mickelson. Their purpose–to build beds for children living without the luxury of sleeping in their own bed or even laying their heads on a pillow.

Every bed they build is handcrafted and constructed by volunteers who donate their time to help children in their community. SHP now has over 150 chapters across the country helping children in almost every state.  

This year, we are bringing in several Louisville chapters of SHP onto the Remodeling Show and DeckExpo show floor. We will be helping the chapters build 20 beds (our goal), who will then deliver them to children in the local community. We're inviting our attendees to donate a little time to take part in our bed build. Interested in getting your group involved (we're also taking individuals) with the SHP Bed Build? Sign up for an appointment! Click the button below to see what appointments are available!

If you think you may be too busy on the show floor but want to help, donations can be made when registering for Remodeling Show and DeckExpo. Donations can also be made by visiting the SHP website. 

SHP - Build & Delivery