Online Media Center

Welcome to the Online Media Center for Remodeling Show co-located with DeckExpo. Here you'll find an overview of the information included in this section of the website, including news, information, registration, and tools for promoting the event. We sincerely appreciate your support of the show!

Logo & Image Gallery

Use of the event logos or banner ads is limited and may not be used in any way to endorse a company or product.  

Logos and graphics will be available for download here soon.

Please e-mail Dan Nguyen with any usage questions, to receive high resolution files of any of the logos/banners below, or if you would like a different size or specific file type.

Press Kits

Exhibitors will need to send their press kits to their booth and then hand-deliver them to the on-site Speaker Lounge / Press Room as early as Tuesday, October 9, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. CDT.

Press Registration

Press Registration for Remodeling Show | DeckExpo 2018 will be open late Spring. Complimentary press credentials are available only to qualified members of the working press.

Registered Press List

We anticipate between 30 and 50 members of press to be at the show. Due to late press registrations, we typically begin posting the current press list starting around 4 weeks out from the event.  Most press register on-site, so the most complete press list will not be available until the end of the show month (October).

The above list is updated weekly on Fridays beginning four weeks out from the event, assuming the list needs to be updated (meaning more people have registered)  If the list has remained unchanged, we will not upload a new list that is identical to a previous week's list.  E-mailing show management will not result in receiving a more updated list than what is provided above; the above list is the most current list.

Video Policy

Videotaping of certain events and conference sessions is permitted with approval from Show Management. Please contact Dan Nguyen at 972-536-6369 for more information or to request approval.